Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oblivion, oblivion, oblivion

Day three of my birthday week finds me playing Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion almost all day. I did some looking at houses, and noted one that's a little small, 550 sq ft, but in South Minneapolis, for $124K. The mortgage would be about what we'd pay if we moved into a newer apartment, except we wouldn't be throwing away thousands of dollars every year on rent. It might be a good place to start, wait 5 or so years for the housing market to balloon again, then sell. I found a good flash game: That's about it, now back to the Mage's Guild quests.


Chris Schommer said...

I wear fancy pants... and get crushed by things. Reminds me of line rider some how.

Is there a web page for the house?

Bjorn said...

Here is a link to the micro house:

And, yes, Fancy Pants is a lot like line rider, except you're controlling it, sort of.

Bjorn said...

I am an arch-mage, by the way.