Saturday, May 5, 2007

Massivly Mormon and Day of Reason

Jeannette and I spent a hour and a half with the Mormons tonight. We asked questions about the first book of Nephi, like was it common to write your genealogy onto brass plates, and include the Torah with the genealogy. Why did God order Nephi to kill the guy who had the plates in the first place? And, why couldn't someone just make a copy of the brass plates? I had a big problem with the racism in the Book of Mormon, and kind of went off on them about it. I think it wouldn't be as controversial in 1830, but they have even changed some parts of the Book to be less offensive today. We also asked about Nephi getting special powers from God, like if anyone would touch him, they'd turn as dry as a reed and die. They believe that literally. We had a good dialog back and forth. I hope they understand a little about us, and we understand more about how they justify some parts of the Book of Mormon which seem offensive, or crazy to us. It might be nit picking to question certain lines out of the Book of Mormon, but these guys are missionaries, and should have answers to these questions. I think it's good for them to hear these questions, because, I feel that if I were Mormon, I wouldn't be questioning the scripture so closely. If I ever wondered why something was so, the answer would be, because God wanted it that way. I think it's good to understand how Mormons reason their faith, so we have a better understanding of each other. Although, I don't think I'll be Mormon any time soon. I just can't buy that American Indians are really a tribe of Israel.

The Day of Reason went well, and I ran the camera for the event. Jeannette and I had never been to the capitol before, so that was a good experience. Check out the Pioneer Press slide show for the Day of Prayer and Day of Reason. Sunday is the May Day Parade in Minneapolis, and we'll be there marching with the atheists.

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