Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm Alive

I'm alive. I wasn't in danger of dying from the freeway collapse, because I was at home taking a nap. Notable tragedy seems to happen while I'm not following my typical routine, and happen to be asleep. 9/11 happened while I slept in. Maybe I shouldn't sleep. I appreciate everyone's concern. I look forward to driving on a new, safer bridge in a few years.

Update: I was reading the Wiki about the I-35W bridge, and the one thing I'll miss about the bridge is its anti-icing system which would squirt a blue potassium acetate on the road during the winter. It was a nice view of downtown Minneapolis on the way home. Now I'll have to drive through crummy 280 to get to work. Maybe there will be a fancy new cable bridge like this project in Illinois.

Oh, and to all you able bleeders out there, go donate some human juice. I can't because I just donated a month ago.


Kristine said...

What do you mean, "Maybe I shouldn't sleep"? Obviously, you should!

Glad you're safe.

Your mom will get it straightened out.

Bjorn said...

I was only half kidding about sleep. Unfortunately for the people of the world, my sarcasm lives on for another day.