Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pagoda Restaurant in Dinkytown

I am very excited for this restaurant to open in Dinkytown by the U of MN. Justin Lin, a friend of mine, is opening a new restaurant with a handful of other business partners. The inside looks great! There's track lighting, to make it bright, but cast mood setting shadows. The restaurant features two adjoining party rooms with HDTV's, and a karaoke machine. One of the rooms is set up like a lounge with plush sofa seating. The ceilings are high, and the paint is bold.

The food will be mostly traditional Chinese dishes. There should be plenty of options for those sweet and sour chicken eaters out there as well. One interesting feature will be the noodle bar. You walk up, and order what ever kind of soup base you'd like, the type of noodles, and what toppings you'd like to make your own noodle soup. Just a basic bowl of noodle soup is only $3.50, and I don't think there is an entree over $10.

The main dining area features two HDTV's on the walls. I don't know if the content has been settled yet, but some ideas thrown around is playing a tourism video from China.

I've been working all weekend of setting up their computers and printers, so all of that is ready to go. If the final inspection by the health department goes well today, they'll be set to open on Monday, the 15.


Anonymous said...

My daughter is going to be waitressing there. I hope it's a big success.

Cat's Staff said...

Do they have good fortune cookies? The fortune cookies at the place down the street from me never seem to be right.

Cat's Staff said...

That is, the fortunes in the fortune cookies never seem to be right...the cookie part is okay.

Chris Schommer said...

Have you fallen off the Blog wagon? Your fans are wanting!

greg said...

justins going to have to finally work for a living. restaurant business is not easy as he thinks. Good Luck