Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't forget your Mittens

CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign, after a disappointing Super Tuesday. John McCain has risen from the dead, almost being counted out in early predictions, now he's in the seat. What will we do without constant reminders about how crazy Mormonism is? How will I live without hearing "magic underwear" everyday? Romney was bred for the role, and will have to settle for a lesser political position, or bounce back into business. I just don't want to see him selling used cars. So, McCain, the darling POW who democrats are soft for, and the "Dittoheads" hate. Who would the red states back if not Huckabee?


Chris Schommer said...

Poor poor Mittens. I am very sad to see him go. He just couldn't make the deal work. What is he to do? He got the money, they he got the power (not as much as he wanted though) so all that is left is the fame.

Rambo:2010, staring Mitt Romney!!

Cat's Staff said...

I'm still pulling for Huckabee.

Skye Xyan said...

Thanks for the post to my site. I'm excited to hear from a real live MN atheist. We are likely moving to the area this summer, so will look your group up.