Monday, September 1, 2008

Anti-war and RNC protesting

Jeannette and I usually go to the Labor Day festival on Harriet Island this time of year, but since there are several new visitors in town, i.e. the RNC, we skipped that. We met up with Laura who was a CIT at Camp Quest, saw a camper on the march route, and marched with Jerry Rauser and friends. I'm more anit-war then I am anti-Republican. I don't think those are the same things. I trust someones actions regarding policy as more important then their party affiliation. I think war is wrong, and I can think of nothing which is more expensive, and destructive to humanity then that. The counter protesters stood in silence while angry protesters yelled at them chants of "No More War", "Four More Months," and "No Blood For Oil." The counter protesters all had the same sign, "Victory Over Terrorism - Let Our Soldiers Win." War is an absolute last resort. War on terrorism doesn't make sense. David Cross once said, "War on terror? You can't win a War on Terror. That's like a war on jealousy." This treats an action which consequence is to prevent the loss of life and suffering for people as a game which must be won. In this game, there is no goal line, there is no 10th frame, there is no 18th hole. How do our soldiers win? They get to go home. As long as our country keeps sending troops into war, we all lose.

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