Saturday, January 27, 2007

Birthday, Part 2

Today was day two of my week long birthday extravaganza. Notable today are the cat show, with no raffle, and very few booths, offering very little, except for the crazy Russian booth, with nothing to do with cats, but everything to do with Russia 50 or so years ago. Also note worthy is the Science Museum of Minnesota. I took my picture there. Go here for that. Jeannette and I are members again, so we should go to OmniFest. I saw this clever shirt at the Explore Store. Jeannette and I saw a movie about the hurricane in New Orleans. The moral of the story is, don't prevent natural flooding, and don't dig canals for shipping, because it'll kill off the wetlands, and the hurricane monster will get you.

Dinner was good, despite the mass of people sardined into Buca diBeppo. I'm glad it wasn't like Benihana's. We only had to sit around familiar strange people, and not unfamiliar strange people.

I lik what they did with a wing of the science museum, they do have an art as science exhibit. I've always thought that most of the exhibits at the science museum bordered on art, but then again, most things are created, designed, and to some degree, creativity can be involved, which could be considered art in a way. Each piece is rather unique, and creative, and must meet certain challenges. Anyway, the exhibit was nice.

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