Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Minnesota Stadium Epidemic

Minnesota is planning to put in three new stadiums. Two of these affect me, the third, a new football vikings is neither affirmative nor important considering I don't like football or the Vikings. However the Gophers ARE getting a new stadium and it does affect me. It affects my tuition bill. I find it an incredible waste of money, money that can be used for the students, and I am 100% against Gophers football, the players and the Stadium.
I love the Twins. Like many fans I grew up watching the Twins at the current stadium. I like the indoor seating. I like not having to worry about cold or heat, snow or rain. I like that games will not be postponed. Who gives a shit if the stadium is being shared. It serves a purpose.
Besides being outdoors, I have other qualms about the Twins stadium. It will be smaller, therefore less seats. This means ticket prices may go up, allowing poor people to miss out on Twins fever. It will be in a bad neighborhood. For all those college students that complain about University Ave, the crime and begging will more than likely be worse going to and from the new Twins destination. There is no room for new businesses. The only new business that prospered with the metro dome is the museum across the street. I find it ridiculous that it is being paid for with public money, and that sales tax went up for something that not everyone will be utilizing. Finally Humbert Humphrey is one of the last fields in the MLB that is not corporately sponsored. I don't know if if the new one will be sponsored, but it wouldn't surprise me ( I'm looking at you TCF).
I'm not saying the outdoors will never be enjoyable, but be reasonable. It is Minnesota, and the bad weather is unpredictable. Money for a new stadium can be better spent elsewhere.

For more information for the Twins fan, check out my buddy Nick's blog. He is the real expert.

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