Monday, April 2, 2007

Positive Atheism

Enough harping on the bad part of atheism. I like the diversity I see around me. I like helping people I don't know, and even helping people I do know who may not deserve it. I don't want everyone to think the way that I do. I don't think erasing religion from the world would end all war. War come form a lack of resources. Unless we can make an abundance of everything we need without cost, there will be war. The reasons for war just change. I am grateful for the religious groups who speak out against war and injustice where they notice it. It seems like one vocal minority excited to go to war against infidels, is overshadowing the respectful, peaceful, majority. Recently, we can see what happens when those voices get a little louder. That little voice spreads throughout Christian sects, and only the most intolerant ignore it.

When I read atheist forums, even Minnesota Atheists, people are afraid to join because of the name. Atheism is misunderstood, and has a negative feel to it. I'd say they are missing out on a great group of people, who are interesting, creative, nice, understanding, most of all, tolerant. The meaning won't change for them if the group is called Secular Humanists, or Agnostics, but that's a matter of semantics. The only way the opinion of atheism will change in people's minds, is if people take the time to dispel the myths. My previous post explains what people are doing to alienate atheists from believers. I'd like to see atheists do more volunteering, as they have been, under a banner of atheists, just how a church will when they help build a Habitat House. Show people that atheists care about other people, enjoy doing good just as much as anyone else, and maybe people's opinions will change.

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