Thursday, September 6, 2007

Atheist Coming Out Stories

Tonight I was a guest for an Atheist Talk TV show on Mormonism. It was similar to the show I did with the Humanists of Minnesota, but I was the only guest this time. I covered some early history, theology, social aspects, and critisims, but really ran out of time to cover what I wanted to, which was, how can atheists leave the Mormon church.

I think there should be a whole show on coming out stories, how different people have dealt with their families, friends, coworkers about their atheism. We shouldn't feel uncomfortable when asked about a camp we may be going to work at, or if someone is going to a talk hosted by a group.

What do you think? Would that make a good show? Feel free to post your own stories here.

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Hallq said...

I say go for it--this is one thing a lot of people need help with, even if it isn't obvious from conversation with out of the closet atheists.