Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Clergy Letter Project: An Open Letter Concerning Religion and Science

Check out this open letter from the Clergy Letter Project.

They support the coexistence of science and religion, and believe that evolution is not counter to Christian faith. It's this kind of activity which needs to be supported more. There are many people who may practice a religion, and don't do what many others do, which is disregard science which appears to clash with their religious beliefs. Much of this can stem from taking the scriptures of your faith literally. Fortunately, the literalists in America are in a minority, but they are a vocal minority. Secular institutions like law, or education take a back seat to literal interpretation of scripture. The Clergy Letter Project seeks to raise the volume of moderates who see what is happening in schools with the evolution / intelligent design debate and are willing to say that the people bringing the ID debate to schools do not represent them. Thanks to Michael Zimmerman of Butler University for starting this ambitious project.

And, thanks to Daily Atheist for bringing this to my attention.


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Spread the word with a Clergy Letter Project Website Banner - William

Melvin_H_Fox said...

The Clergy Letter Project is an affront to all Christians - followers of the Lord Jesus Christ - and the undersigned are willingly ignorant of the heart of the one true living God.