Saturday, November 24, 2007

Diet Coke Plus

Since we are out on vacation and I'm sick with a "common cold," we headed to a Walgreen's to get some magic pills to cure me. While there, they had Diet Coke Plus on a special 4 for $1. Being frugal, I had to pick it up. I had thought of the idea for Diet Coke Plus years and years ago, wondering with the stuff they already add into the drink, why they couldn't add some vitamins along the way. Just avoid ones which effect taste to sharply, and people would buy it up. Well, Coke did come through with such a product. However, now it makes me think of "A Clockwork Orange," where the Droogies are at the Korova milk bar drinking milk-plus which is milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom. Diet Coke Plus doesn't contain anything stronger then a mild stimulant to increase awareness, but made me think we are one step closer to the past / future of A Clockwork Orange.


Richard Webb said...

All Coca Cola products contain 'deadly' aspartame, some have more than others. The diet variety is the worst.

If, as you say, you are freethinking, check it out by doing a search on Aspartame, I'm sure you don't want to harm yourself!

Bjorn said...

I am aware that aspartame causes cancer in mice. However,there are many "harms" which could be avoided by consuming only distilled water and nutrient suppliments. Until there are better studies of comprehensive human psyology,I'm not going to act on each potential harm presented by the natural world equally.