Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Kite Runner Movie

While I haven't read the book, The Kite Runner felt like a movie attempting to be honest to the content of the book. Parts were rushed over through editing, and the pace was very quick at times. However, I thought it told the story very well. While some parts toward the end seem far fetched, the first three quarters are an absolutely engrossing bit of film. The characters are not heavily introduced, but exposed enough that you could fill in your own back story if you'd like. Don't tell me everything I need to know, but show me how things are at present, and I can infer the past. This film is a personal story, but presents Afghanistan in transition well without being political about it. We saw an advance screening, with a question and answer period with Homayon Ershadi who played Baba in the film. One question was, "What do you expect this film to do to the violence we brought to your part of the world?" Mr. Ershadi responded, "What? The movie? This movie is not political." His answer resulted in cheers. He had stated that what he hopes for the film is that people have a better understanding of what the Afghan people have gone through, know where it is on a map, that there are people there who need our help, and that there is a lot of money going into Afghanistan, but there is nothing to show for it. When the movie is released in December 14th, make a point to see it, you won't be disappointed if you loved the book.


Anonymous said...

where did you see kite runner? i can't find it in minneapolis theaters.

Bjorn said...

I saw it at the Edina Theater owned by Landmark Theaters. It looks like it's showing there on the 21st of December, so you have one more week to wait. It's well worth the wait.