Friday, June 27, 2008

A Gay Old Weekend

This weekend is the Twin Cities Gay Pride Parade and Festival in Minneapolis. Minnesota Atheists will be marching and have a booth present, right next to church booths and religious groups. There are rarely any fights, and reactions are usually positive. There have been some comments which people have found offense to the booth, because "God made me gay" almost as an excuse for the discrimination they face, like it's not my fault, or the fault of society for how I'm treated, it's God's will. That's a little strange, but I've met gay people in all sorts of states regarding coming to terms with their gayness. Anyway, Jeannette and I will be marching in the parade to show our support for a group of people who have seen rates of discrimination against them rise by 135% over a year ago.

To honor Gay Pride, Minnesota Atheists are featuring on their radio show Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out discusses “Exposing ‘Ex-gay’ Ministries” and Jane Bowman of Project 515 discusses “515 Minnesota Laws that Discriminate Against Gays.”

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