Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sheaths for Kitty Weapons

Since moving into our new place, our cats have adjusted well. There is much more space for them to wander about. One of our cats was picky about her litter box, which had the side effect of her peeing on all sorts of things. That problem was cured by getting a Litter Maid automatic litter box. We haven't had a problem in three weeks.

Our other cat enjoys clawing door frames, and doors for attention. In the short time we've been here, she's made her mark known. Sure, we could get her declawed, but invasive surgery for some behavioral problem isn't a good solution. So, I went to Safe Pet Products, and picked up Soft Claws cat nail caps.

It's only been one day, but our problem cat now has purple nylon covers over her nails. The solution is pretty simple, just cover the cat's claws. The nail caps are applied after trimming the nails. Just trim the nail, and slip on the nail cap which sticks on with super glue. For the first minute or so, she tried to chew them off. But she gave up quickly, and now just looks funny with purple claws. She even attempted to claw a door frame. Replacing the annoying sound of ruined wood surfaces was a squeaky sound. So, for now, Soft Claws works.

1 comment:

sacred slut said...

Interesting. I wonder if the cat will eventually give up the clawing behavior altogether once the habit is broken.

My cats are outdoor cats, otherwise I would love to try this. They sound great.