Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Watching the rocket's red glare

The booster rocket for the Space Shuttle, that is! Jeannette and I had no idea what we'd do for some sort of honeymoon. We've gone on plenty of trips together, each one was special, but another vacation doesn't hurt. So, Jeannette and I are returning to Florida, where each of us had gone as kids, but missed out on some things. We're going to be leaving the first full week of October, so if the weather holds up, we can catch a Shuttle launch on the 8th. Jeannette gets her beach, and I get geeky space stuff. It's a perfect combo! We have no hotel picked out, so if anyone has a recommendation, leave it in the comments. Also, if there are any out of the way places which are not to be missed, leave those too.

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