Friday, July 27, 2007

NYC 07

Jeannette and I had a great time in NJ on Tuesday and Wednesday with my cousins and grandma. We went to Point Pleasant, NJ and played some games at the arcade, and of course, bought taffy.

After some trials with the GPS, we found out how to get to the hotel in the Meadowlands. We're on the 16th floor, and have a view of Manhattan. It's a bit of a trick to get in and out of the hotel, but we're able to get to a PATH station pretty easily.

On Wednesday we hopped into Manhattan for one thing, Maxie's cheesecake. After our mission, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest. We got up at 6 AM, so I could get into the city, and meet up with the chairman of the company that acquired my company in Little Canada. For a billionaire, this guy is very nice. He's really down to earth, and honest. I was able to fix a problem on his laptop, but he's running on a four year machine which needs to be replaced. After the meeting, Jeannette and I went on the NBC studio tour and saw the studios for the Today show, Conan, and SNL. Their operations room was pretty interesting, it's fully redundant, and all of their processing is digital now, no tapes.

We ate quickly after that, went to Nintendo World, then hoped on a bus tour around downtown. After our tour, we ate at Junior's in Times Square, and then we saw Grease on Broadway. It was a pretty good production, defiantly better then any touring show we get to see in Minneapolis, at least for this size production. We've seen some good small shows, but nothing beats Broadway.

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