Monday, July 2, 2007

REVIEW: The Compton Effect by Greydon Square

Atheist hip hop? You bet! Greydon Square's, "The Compton Effect," is packed with lyrics, with beats which are just as fresh. Square changed his tune from more traditional hip hop, to something a little more clever, a little less vulgar (he doesn't swear on this album), and all atheist. He's putting to music what has been written back and forth on blogs over the last couple of years, Pascal's Wager, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and The Rational Response Squad. This isn't an album for the masses, it's for atheists. "Your God is fake, like Thor, so bite me." "Christianity was a great idea, but it was poorly executed, if New-Nazi's can use it." "You wouldn't even believe in this God if it weren't for slavery." Are just some of the tough lyrics to be found.

Square's biggest gripes are creationism, irrationality, and people who don't get the fact that the reason decedents of slaves are Christian, is because that was the religion of their slave masters.

It's a great album, produced really well for such a home grown release.

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