Monday, July 16, 2007


We're really lucky to be able to get away on a vacation we've had planned for months. The ownership of my company changed this week, so it'll be good to get away while the transition is taking place. Then I don't have to worry so much about waiting for questions to get answered, everything should be settled by the time I get back. Tonight we just finalized our plans for the trip. Our itinerary is as follows:

  • We are leaving right from a midnight release party for the new Harry Potter book for Cleveland, OH. Cleveland Rocks!
  • Depending on how I feel after the twelve hour drive, we may visit a museum, or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while we are in Cleveland.
  • The next day, we are off to the Ocean Lotus Farm Bed and Breakfast. This was the last addition to our trip, and should be the most relaxing. I wanted to find a vegetarian friendly B&B in Pennsylvania, and this is a great opportunity to get some great food, as well as a chance to hike a bit, chase chickens, and sky watch. We have two whole nights there!
  • The next night we'll be spending at my grandmother's house in Toms River. It's always nice to visit, plus we're by the Jersey Shore. It's great people watching, and I love taffy!
  • Jeannette has always loved Grease the movie, now we'll be seeing Grease the musical on Broadway. Actors chosen from a reality TV show play the leads, and the female lead is from Minnesota. We're staying in the Meadowlands, because we're cheap, and I hate driving into Manhattan. We get to spend three days in NYC. I want to visit the Cloisters again, go on a double decker bus tour, and see one more show then Grease. We'll see how successful I am.
  • Cleveland again on Saturday night, but this time, we'll see the Twins at Jacobs Field.
  • Sunday we slump back home, ready for work on Monday.


JKC said...

If you feel like venturing into Harlem, then check out the Dinosaur BBQ. Not completely vegetarian-friendly, but I think there is a portobello burger on the menu.

Or, alternatively, if you take I-90 coming back, and if you find yourselves passing by Rochester (NY, not MN) around lunch or dinner time, visit the Rochester Dino.

If you're willing to engage in some carnivorous debauchery, then this is the place to do it. Best ribs I've ever had, and the best smoked pulled pork. And the best black beans, and fries. I did a review of it on my blog a while back.

Bjorn said...

I don't think I'll be passing through Rochester, I'll be on I-80. Why is Worcester pronounced wooster, and Rochester not pronounced rooster? I'll start calling it rooster, and it'll catch on.

JKC said...

The short answer is that Rochester is pronounced the way it is because it has an h and Worcester doesn't. Because a ch followed by an e usually does not make the e silent (unless it's a word of french origin, like douche (sorry, it's the first one that came to mind)). But a c followed by an e usually makes the e silent (like in source, force, or porcelain).

Since Roche is most likely an old English/German name, the ch is unlikely to be soft, and since vowels following hard consonants are more likely to be sounded, the first e in Rochester is preserved. Conversely, since Worce has a soft c, the e is unlikely to be sounded.

At least that's what I remember from my linguistics classes...

JKC said...

Then there's my favorite: Gloucester is "gloster." Why isn't it "glooster"? Because that would make it sound too much like "glue sticks"?

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