Monday, July 23, 2007

On the Road

It's day three of our road trip, and we're near Dallas, PA at Ocean Lotus Farm. Cleveland was alright, as far as Cleveland goes. It feels a lot like Minneapolis, maybe a little older feeling, but otherwise pretty similar. Last night we got in on time, but we neglected to ask if we could get dinner at the B&B, fell asleep at 6, and didn't wake up again until 9. Alas, breakfast was great, we went blueberry picking, and got rained on through quite a hike on the Falls Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park. Jeannette is about half way through Harry Potter 7, and I'm about half way through listening to Oryx and Crake. We've liked each of our forms of entertainment so far, and have made the trip a little better. A note about the pictures, everything until the goats is in Cleveland, the goats and chickens, and such are at the farm, and the trees, and water is in the park, except for me in the tub.

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