Saturday, October 27, 2007

Atheist Symbol

While the Richard Dawkins Foundation has been pushing the Out Campaign's use of a red capital letter "A" as a symbol for Atheists to know each other by some sort of paraphernalia, like jewelry, bumper sticker, or shirt, the Atheists Alliance International conference offered attendees to vote on a general Atheist symbol. The winning design is a pointed "A" inside of a partial circle. This is similar to the "@" symbol used to denote a quantity of items for sale, for example, 5 copies of Mac OS X Leopard @ 129.00 is 645.00. Or, more popularly to denote a user's location as indicated by the server that user is on, for example, Some other silly people refer to that as an email address.

To differentiate the logo from the "@" symbol features a capital "A" rather then the lower-case. Is this change enough, or will it confuse people more then the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Time will tell. I think it's a good enough symbol, to provide easy identification of a part of your identity to other sympathizers. I don't think it would do anything for anyone else, as no one else would have any idea what it means. But, FSM merchandising has been good for identifying fellow "Pastafarians." Anyone else think it looks way too much like the Star Trek comm badge?

The homepage for the logo is here. You can find poorly done variations by someone with little graphics skill outside of Microsoft WordArt, but maybe others will contribute to professionalize it.


Emerson Costa (Ensjo) said...

Here is my own proposed symbol for atheism, "Only sky":

Check it out.


Unknown said...

i like the circle A looks likek an anarchy symbol and the star trek com pin had a child and it didnt believe in invisible spacemen in the clouds ...epic