Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Grease, not the kind on your fries

Jeannette and I watched a pretty good show called You're the One that I Want. It's a long audition for Grease on Broadway, and the talent is really good, much better then American Idol. Jeannette and I did play Unreal again last night, but it was less fun then the day before. Jeannette gets better, but she also gets pretty mad if she's loosing. Work has been pretty easy lately, just putting out fires where they are. We are working on upgrading a server to a 2 dual core system connected to a fiber channel SAN. That'll be nice. I liked this post on

I just finished up three meetings back-to-back the other day. This in itself is no big deal these days. Everyone has meetings, and more meetings, and… Honestly, most of the time they are productive to some extent and if nothing else they do help with coordinating things and clearing the air on the ever present points of confusion.

What really cracks my dishes during these meetings are the plate announcements. At each meeting at least one person will chime in with an opening statement about their plate being full, or too full, or overflowing. Well who cares! Those plate remarks are nothing but overused and hackneyed excuses for copping out, passing the buck, and preempting success or minimally setting the table for failure.

It’s not that there is too much on the plate. It is more likely the plate is too small. When it comes to work plates guess what? You can always swap your saucer for a dinner plate or a soup bowl, or if necessary a platter. There are plenty of options in the China closet. It’s not really a matter of how much is on your plate after all. It’s a matter of bringing the right plate and the right attitude to the table with you.

So, like the hungry guy at the dinner table, I’m going to fill my plate and damned if I am not going to grab for the grub that you don’t want. Once I start chowing down on your food don’t tell me how to arrange it on “my” plate. Don’t tell me how you would have eaten it differently. And sure as hell don’t ask for it back once it’s been digested.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I shot Jeannette

... in Unreal Tournament 2004, that is. Jeannette hasn't really played FPS games that much, but she is getting better. She just needs to get used to the controls, and she'd get a lot better. Jeannette was pretty sick yesterday because she was withdrawing from Paxil. She works at a drug store, and goes without pills, gees. It was only one day, but she showed most of the symptoms of withdrawal. The reason she wanted to switch to Paxil, was because it was supposed to be non habit forming, GlaxoSmithKline got is pretty big trouble over that promise, but who cares what they are fined, you have millions of people addicted to your pills. Ten percent of GlaxoSmithKline's revenue comes from Paxil sales.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Arch-Mage Bjorn

I'm an arch-mage now. All I have left in Oblivion is to work through the Fighter's Guild. The picture to the left is the micro house. It'd be pretty cool if I could add a second floor, and the mortgage would be about $860 a month. That might be manageable even if Jeannette or I loose our jobs. At work I got in 2 new switches for a networking rack. I have to wait until I get new cables, which should be later this week, to install them. I ordered all purple cables, yeah.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oblivion, oblivion, oblivion

Day three of my birthday week finds me playing Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion almost all day. I did some looking at houses, and noted one that's a little small, 550 sq ft, but in South Minneapolis, for $124K. The mortgage would be about what we'd pay if we moved into a newer apartment, except we wouldn't be throwing away thousands of dollars every year on rent. It might be a good place to start, wait 5 or so years for the housing market to balloon again, then sell. I found a good flash game: That's about it, now back to the Mage's Guild quests.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Birthday, Part 2

Today was day two of my week long birthday extravaganza. Notable today are the cat show, with no raffle, and very few booths, offering very little, except for the crazy Russian booth, with nothing to do with cats, but everything to do with Russia 50 or so years ago. Also note worthy is the Science Museum of Minnesota. I took my picture there. Go here for that. Jeannette and I are members again, so we should go to OmniFest. I saw this clever shirt at the Explore Store. Jeannette and I saw a movie about the hurricane in New Orleans. The moral of the story is, don't prevent natural flooding, and don't dig canals for shipping, because it'll kill off the wetlands, and the hurricane monster will get you.

Dinner was good, despite the mass of people sardined into Buca diBeppo. I'm glad it wasn't like Benihana's. We only had to sit around familiar strange people, and not unfamiliar strange people.

I lik what they did with a wing of the science museum, they do have an art as science exhibit. I've always thought that most of the exhibits at the science museum bordered on art, but then again, most things are created, designed, and to some degree, creativity can be involved, which could be considered art in a way. Each piece is rather unique, and creative, and must meet certain challenges. Anyway, the exhibit was nice.

Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday yesterday, and it was pretty relaxing. Jeannette took me out to Prima, and had 15 purple orchids sent to my work. We saw Epic Movie last night, which was great simple humor. Too bad it was rated PG-13, the place was stuffed with kids under 13. My car is still wounded, and I can't get a hold of the guy who owns the car that hit me, so I can't get him to pay for it. All my insurance company will do is send him letters, which he will then ignore, and throw away.

Jeannette and I went to one of the geekier stores around, the Hub Hobby Center. Jeannette couldn't find anything interesting there, but I did buy some more Sea Monkey eggs, because I have only two monkeys left, and I think they are both female. I bought a crystal growing kit at the Hub in Little Canada, and some space ice cream.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Jeannette and I watched a Swarm game on Friday night because I won tickets from my work. I felt like an ancient Roman watching gladiators, except, these people had funny sticks with nets on them. I was surprised at how violent the game is. It does follow the rules of hockey, including the unwritten rules, like you get to punch someone repeatedly, and not be charged with assault, or even kicked out of the game. It was a good game, but lacrosse is very much a northern suburbs, truck driving with a dead deer strapped to the back, lovin America, but hating everyone else not as white as you kind of sport.