Sunday, March 11, 2007

DST, hockey and popes

The Gophers lost last night, and it was painful to watch the 3rd period. On a better note, the Daylight Saving Time change happened as expected, and nothing appears out of sync at work or home. Most of my little gadgets have set themselves correctly.

The Pope and the Witch was acted very well, but the story didn't flow very well. It seemed written backwards. How can we create a situation where the pope distributes drugs safely and cheaply, allows the use contraception, and changes the church's view on abortion. Here's how, insert a Bantu witch doctor. Throw in some goofy physical humor, cell phone jokes, and strange musical numbers, and you have yourself a play. The comedy didn't seem smart enough. For example, one of the better lines was "Sir, we don't have time for fables right now!" The pope replies, "A pope should know as many fables as possible, God knows I tell enough of them."

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