Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Pope and the Witch

Last night Bjorn and I saw the Pope and the Witch. It was a pretty solid performance. However, I was disappointed there wasn't more satire. It wasn't "satireless". There was a point made early on in the play that Bjorn and I discuss often. The issue is hypocrisy and the power of man. The pope and his council are discussing the evils of contraception. The whole argument is that it isn't natural, and is condemned by the bible. Someone brought up the fact that there was a point in history where vaccinations weren't considered natural, but it was decided that there wasn't technically anywhere in the bible that said it was o.k. There is so much nit picking of the bible by Christians it is ridiculous. Many Christians see horrible things in the bible, such as the issue of homosexuality, and use that as an excuse for bigotry. However, when it comes to other issues, they say"well we don't believe in that". This point leads me to believe that the only real Christians are the fundamentalists, who take everything literally. I was raised Lutheran and to be "good" people we were taught to follow the bible. The crazy fundamentalists seem to be the only ones that do that in entirety. The second point is the whole issue of deciding. When it comes down to it, most things are controlled by man, including religion. Man wrote the bible. I believe man came up with the concept of God in the first place (feel free to disagree). How can man say that limbo existed, than centuries later say it didn't. Even man decided the dates of holidays. In 325 the council of Nicea decided the date of Easter.
What am I getting at? Maybe nothing, I admit sometimes I just rant. But remember, our fellow man is important. We are what makes the world.

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Bjorn said...

That was pope Pius IV who had a problem with vaccines, because it was "playing God." It was a problem until several bishops were helped, then it was ok.