Sunday, March 4, 2007


We now have a webcam featured on the page. We'll see how that goes. My car was towed on Friday. Everyone got out of work early on Thursday, except for me and a handful of other people, who worked until 4. Friday was canceled too, so I thought I'd go in to get some stuff done while no one was around. I left work around noon, and I parked in front of my building. There were other cars there, so I thought it was alright. I would have parked in the back, but there was a garbage truck in the alley blocking it, so I skipped it. Well, at 4, I rebooted a server remotely from home, but it didn't come back. It was our main database server, so it needs to be up. Well, it didn't come back, it shut down instead. So, I told Jeannette we should go to work, turn the server on, then go to a movie in Rosedale. I looked out, at my car was missing. I figured it had been towed, so I called 311, and it was. I printed out the bus route we needed to take, and hopped out. We started the adventure around 5. We got to the impound lot around 6, got to the car around 7, and got pulled out of the spot we were stuck in around 8.A helpful tow truck guy named Buzz pulled us out. I offered him some money, because it took him about 15 minutes to yank us out of snow that the last truck driver dumped us in. He didn't take the money. So, all in all, things went fine. If I hadn't come home at noon, I would have never been towed, if I was only one hour later, I could have parked after the plow went through. Ah well, it was my fault for not checking into things myself, and relying on the other people on the road to be right.

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Just for fun a lot of webcams…