Sunday, March 18, 2007

Support Comic Relief

Kwai Chi's Video Making Marathon on Youtube/Livevideo/Stickam

The challenge was to make and upload a total of 100 unique videos in the space of 24 hours on Comic relief day (16th March 2007) We ended up making 114!

My videos are available to view on

Along the way we were given lots of donations, please go to and place a bid now!

Chekc out all of the videos, there are a ton. This guy spent a lot of time editing all these videos, support Comic Relief and help this guy feel less silly for spending so much time making videos. Also, bid on an auction if you'd like. There's an amazing painting in there, as well as a Casino Royale cardboard cutout, umbrella, and red nose. Be warned, the donation is in pounds, so adjust accordingly. Even one pound helps.

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