Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Elongated pennies

Thanks to the trip to Chicago, I've developed a new habit. We stopped at the Belviere Travel Oasis to get gas, play a crane game, which I won, and left the penguin prize on the machine. A girl picked it up before we left, which was good, neither of us need a penguin doll. Anyway, I saw a penny souvenir machine, which squishes a penny, imprinting a picture onto the metal. Jeannette picked a Earnest Hemingway design. I've since squished a penny at the planetarium, aquarium, Wisconsin Dells, and at the Twins Pro Shop in Roseville.


dwatland said...

You squished a penny at the house on the rock the first time we went there

Bjorn said...

I went to the Mall of America last night, and squashed 10 pennies, that place is full of those machines.