Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Word to Bicyclists

There is a new trend among bicyclists called "crushing" where a group of bikers get together and hog the street to prove that the road needs to be shared. Bjorn and I saw a bunch of obnoxious thirty somethings in their underwear blocking a crowded road in uptown. Not only was this rude and inconsiderate but hypocritical. I agree that motorists need to treat bikers with respect because they are doing the eco-friendly thing, but only when the bikers follow the rules they need to. The majority of the bikers I see do not follow common rules, as if they are above it. It is a rarity to see a biker stop at a stop sign or red light, unless they need to ( and I live in a biker heavy area). If you want to share the road, put headlights on your bike. Wear a damn helmet. Be considerate. Don't back up traffic. If you want to share the road be an adult and follow the rules, or you deserve to get hit.

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