Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gay Pride 2007

This afternoon I manned the Minnesota Atheist booth at Gay Pride at Loring Park in Minneapolis. Over all, it was a very positive time. Atheism is enjoying an up tick in interest, partially due to recent books, and partially due to religious fanaticism. The most common question from passers by was, "Why would atheists support gay rights?" The answer is, "Atheists support equality and human rights."

If you feel up to it, you can spot me in the parade tomorrow!


dwatland said...

How ironic: yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of you giving your life to Christ at the Billy Graham Crusade at the Metrodome- or did you forget doing that. We didn't.

Bjorn said...

I remember not doing that. I remember going, but not "giving my life to Christ."

Bjorn said...

And, you have to remember, I tried believing in God, tried to follow Christianity, but I always felt empty, dishonest, like standing in an empty room talking to myself.