Thursday, February 1, 2007

dipo - shuffle - ipod

Jeannette is the proud owner of a new green ipod shuffle. She used to have a shuffle, but I gave that away when I bought her the mini. She thinks this will be better to work out with, because it isn't so big, and won't bounce around. I've been using Opera at work, kind of turning my back on Firefox. Opera is just faster. I get spoiled with AdBlock though, maybe there is AdBlock with Opera. I've been working way too late the last three days, but I actually get a chance to do work. I can now manage every single port for all 200 or so computers and devices connected to the network, including looking at each ports utilization. Vista is so dumb, I'm so tired of Vista. Jeannette and I had some way good pizza at Galactic, which was a nice break from working late, coming home, and making some food from the apartment.

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