Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Morel Orel Vs. My Father

"Christianity sure is convenient"

Words of wisdom from the show "Morel Orel". This is a show about a naive 11 year old boy whose hero is God. In this particular episode, Orel breaks the 10 commandments so he can fear God and be scared on Halloween. He knows his soul will be safe, because all he has to do is repent. Never have I seen something so realistic, so true to what I have seen in my life. Orel is a clay animated version of my father.
My father, broke a commandment. I won't go into detail about what he did, but it caused many people much pain. Before our estrangement he told me that all was well because he asked God for forgiveness. He didn't ask the people he hurt for forgiveness, but something that may or may not exist. He always told me that my only sin was to not believe in God. Well than, I'm doomed, because according to him, and other Christians, I'm going to a hell that has the same probability of existing as Santa's workshop.
I apologize for offending anybody, I really am. The last thing I want to be is a hypocrite. But please, don't be a hypocrite yourselves. Exercise your love for all mankind. I am not a bad person, I have morals. I do good things. I just don't do them to get into heaven. I do them because that is how other people should be treated.
When life resembles a clay animated satire, people should really start questioning the the reason they are doing things. When you pray to God for forgiveness that's fine, but make sure your really sorry, and make sure you are asking for forgiveness from the tangible figures you hurt in real life.

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