Saturday, February 24, 2007

Livin Fat

Jeannette sent me a text message yesterday because she had gotten fatter, I asked her, "By how much?," she said, "2 lbs." Now, Jeannette is small, I'm the big one. I could gain and lose two pounds, and never even notice. I have always tried to be plump enough to withstand being stranded somewhere for weeks on end without food, but I'm past that now. You could stick me in the desert for a month, and I'd be ok. Being diabetic already, if I don't exercise at all, I'm at risk for insulin resistance. All of my numbers have been fine when I go to the doctor, BP, cholesterol, heart rate, all of that stuff. I'm still healthy, despite being fat. But, I have noticed that I'm starting to need more and more insulin to metabolize carbohydrates. That's where the danger is. It's ok to be fat, unless you are unhealthy, then you need to do something. I still plan on being fat enough to withstand a stint on a mountain without food, and without having to eat a member of the hiking party, just a little less fat then now so I can maintain good control of blood sugar levels. There is no way I'm going to have an eating disorder, I like food too much for that. Jeannette has bad cholesterol, so with exercise, and watching what she eats, we'll see if we can take care of that. We'll work on it together, and there are no excuses. I have a book called the Calorie King in my car, it can tell me the nutrition information for almost any food we could get. Chipotle is horrible for you. It's seems ok, a giant burrito, no meat. That burrito is over 1000 calories. Jeannette's burrito she gets is 1195 calories and has 59 grams of fat. Chipotle's website is too busy making you feel hip for eating at a place that cares about the quality of the food they give you, and the art and music you find inside, but it's impossible to find nutrition information for their burritos. The burrito bol I have been getting is 815 calories, and 39 grams of fat. With a few changes, like taking out the rice, and guacamole, and sour cream, I can still have a bol with steak, and cheese, and lettuce, which is only 360 calories. It's amazing how many calories are in rice. I told Jeannette how many calories are in a Chipotle burrito, and that it's have of all you should eat in a day, and she said she just wouldn't eat much else in that day. That never happens, because you get hungry, and snack, then everything is ruined. We'll have to work on the Chipotle because it is Jeannette's favorite place.


Chris Schommer said...

Hmm lets go camping. You can carry the food and I will eat it!
Just kidding.
Its the sour cream and cheese that jacks those things up too. Same with subway, they calculate all their numbers with out cheese, and then when you go order they ask you "what kind" not if you want any. The guacamole too, but everything I have read about those says its "good fat" for you, which is good because its yummy stuff. Mmm now I am hungry..

Bjorn said...

Yeah, Jeannette is pissed about not eating Chipotle. Just a burrito with rice is like 600 calories, so cut out the tortilla and rice, and everything is fine. Jeannette thinks that's gross, and she's not going to eat a Chipotle salad while everyone else is eating their burritos.

Megan Watland said...

The trick with Chipotle is to be poor enough that one burrito equals at least three meals. Sometimes they serve Chipotle at seminars, and if I am sneaky enough I can manage to get enough food for a week. *chomp*