Saturday, February 10, 2007

Work work and more work

I've been working a lot of late hours lately, but have gotten a lot of work done. I saved my company a bunch of money by wiring a networking closet with fiber, and I've upgraded two of the IT staff's computers. The CFO needed a new laptop because his is old, and the hard drive was failing on it, so I suggested that he get a new laptop. Well, all new laptops have Vista on them. This is a problem when you have so many applications you depend on, which do not work with Vista. I can't see many businesses moving to Vista anytime soon, unless they perform really simple tasks. Our desktops, for the most part, are all Windows 2000 machines, because it just works. The way Microsoft will force us to upgrade, is when they release a new programming component, like .NET 3.0, and the programmers decide that they want to use it, then it's time to upgrade everyone to Windows XP. Otherwise, there just is no reason to upgrade, everything just works. I MAY upgrade my laptop to Vista, just so I can get used to the quirks, otherwise there is little reason to upgrade. I may work all weekend replacing the cabling in the networking closets, which should mean a good sized pay check, that I need to pay the 1K deductible to get my car fixed.

On a different note, Jeannette and I saw The Queen last night. I thought it was very well done.

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