Thursday, February 15, 2007

Psuedo life of a college student

I haven't really been blogging to much lately. It isn't because I'm not a serious blogger. It's just that I don't really have all that much to blog about. Life as a college student isn't the most exciting life. I can't exactly write a memoir on the tedious lab hours I put in, or the two hour long classes that make my ass hurt, or the people in Kabbalah that just won't shut up. College life is psuedo life. Most students don't know what it's like to pay bills, rent,tuition, loan payments. Dorm life doesn't represent the real world at all, so there's a whole psuedo community there. My life takes on facade as well. I'm kinda drifting through, but I really don't feel like I'm living. This is nobody's fault but my own, but I'm sure many people can relate. There are moments I find though that make me smile, and forget. These moments are peaceful. I love sitting by the fountain terrace in Coffman Union. When someone starts playing the piano, I just sit back close my eyes and listen. I listen to the mistakes, the flow. Or sitting at the rec center and watching the divers. These are stolen moments that make my day livable.


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