Sunday, February 11, 2007


Again, I dive into the latest Microsoft OS head first. It's always exciting to see new things, and get used to new issues, so I installed Vista on my laptop at home. It's a crummy $400 laptop I got cheaply from Circuit City, but it's running Vista with Aero just fine. It can also run 3D games, like Unreal Tournament, and the Sims 2, so I've been pretty happy with it. I also like the matte screen, rather then glossy. I always hate seeing smudges all over those screens, and I hate the glare. It's a shame all laptops seem to be going that way, except for the cheap ones, which is good news for me. Vista is working alright so far, no big issues, and took about an hour to upgrade from Windows XP Home. I installed Vista Business, because I have a license from work. I've had to patch a few programs, but everything is chugging away. I'll leave my desktop as XP for now, at least until I'm done submitting taxes for Jeannette and I. Jeannette had today off, so it was nice to spend some time together, not doing anything really exciting, bu just hanging out. I worked for a while yesterday replacing the networking cables in one of the closets. It's all purple now, rather then a mix of black, blue, and yellow cables. I have plans for changing up the topology of the network, but I can't do that until I get a part in, so that'll be another late night this week.

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