Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pray for France - Feb 6

Do you know what France has? France has 6,000,000 Muslims. There was a day when 40% of the population was Protestant. Now, 30% of the population is atheist. What can you do to help? Pray. These four organizations have their own goals in this post Lent 40 day pray-a-thon.

CCFOF, the Christian Community Foundation of France, would like to increase Biblical Generosity. Wouldn't we all like to have that kind of money rolling into our favorite organizations?

Objectif France created this 40 days of prayer idea for France, including a limited edition down loadable prayer guide. Free? No, silly, $3.50. Too broke giving Biblically? Read the guide from 2007.

Sentinelle de Prière (The Watchman's Prayer) is a group who coordinates prayer 24/7, because no one person can "pray continuously," as God commands, so it's divvied up to a hour a person.

United Prayer for France is a group of Huguenot decedents from South Africa. And, we can't forget the benefit to South Africa of European immigrants. Anyway, with only one percent in France considering themselves Evangelical, UPF seeks a re-evangelization of France, because God has a special plan for the French in the end times.

So, go ahead, sign up, and wait with baited breath until Feb 6th, when the all out prayer-a-thon kicks off. And if you're an atheist in France, and you feel a burning feeling sometime in February, that's why.

From [Friendly Atheist]

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Oh, drat! So sorry, but prayer is not on that day's to-do list. ;)