Monday, December 24, 2007

Rochester Area Freethinkers RAFT

I had a great time heading down to Rochester, MN with August to meet up with some members of RAFT for a solstice party. There were lots of great conversations. It seems like many members were open geeks, as well as open atheists. I learned that the LDS do not have a doctrine against birth control or abortion. One thing I do remember from my brief experience with missionaries, was that abortion, while not encouraged, was not something which would get you removed from the church. I hadn't known the bit about birth control, however. I thought that the church's views of masturbation would tie in with more conservative views on sexual activity, to an almost Augustinian level which would be just short of total celibacy, with sex performed only when the woman was able to conceive, and only for that purpose. And so, the formerly one dimension I thought Mormonism was, is opened up again, to a spectrum. People really are free in their own minds, despite dogma or tradition, which is comforting that there is a difference between an organization, and what it asserts, and how individuals apply that or interpret it's application.

So, if you are ever in the Rochester area, look up the Rochester Area Freethinkers on to attend a meeting, which is really a group of good friends who like to have a good time.

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